Water Microbiology

Water Microbiology is concerned with the microorganisms that live in water, or transferred from one habitat to another by water. Another group of microbes of concern in water microbiology are protozoa. The two protozoa of the most concern are Giardia and Cryptosporidium. They live normally in the intestinal tract of animals such as beaver and deer. Giardia and Cryptosporidium form dormant and hardy forms called cysts during their life cycles. The cyst forms are resistant to chlorine, which is the most popular form of drinking water disinfection, and can pass through the filters used in many water treatment plants. If ingested in drinking water they can cause debilitating and prolonged diarrhea in humans, and can be life threatening to those people with impaired immune.

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  • Microbiology of water
  • Microbiology of drinking water
  • Microbiological water pollution
  • Microbiology quality of water
  • Water culture in microbiology
  • Advances in water microbiology test

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Conference City

Conference Name

Conference Date
Chicago USA

International Conference on Human Papillomavirus

May 02-03 2016
Chicago USA

International Conference on Water Microbiology Novel Technologies

July 18-20 2016
Portland USA

5th Global Microbiologists Annual meeting

August 15-17 2016
Phoenix USA

2nd world congress on Beneficial Microbe

september 23-25 2016
Vancouver Canada

Infectious Diseases Conference

Oct 3-5 2016
Rome Italy

Microbial Physiology conference

October 20-22 2016
Rome Italy

Clinical Microbiology Conference

October 24-26 2016
Istanbul Turkey

2nd Applied Microbiology

October 31-November 02 2016
Baltimore USA

7th Virology conference

November 21-23 2016
Telford england

Water Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring

Nov 02-03 2016
Venice Italy

Urban Water 2016

June27-29 2016
Venice Italy

Flood Risk Management and Response 2016

June29-July1 2016
Val ncia Spain

Environmental Impact 2016

June8-10 2016
Brisbane Australia

The Urban Water Forum

February24th -25th 2016
Jinju Korea south

2015 5th International Conference on Environment Science and Biotechnology ICESB 2015

November 9 2016
Karachi Pakistan

Securing Sustainable Water for All Innovation Integration and Inclusion

November 17 2016
London United Kingdom

Drinking Water 2015 Developments in Water Quality Treatment Distribution

November 18 2016
Hong Kong

International Conference on Agriculture Ecology and Biological Engineering

March 26th to 28th 2016
Shanghai China

2016 International Conference on Water Resource and Environment WRE2016

July 23rd - 26th 2016
Madrid Spain

6th EuroVirology Congress

March 10-12 2016
Houston USA

Medical Parasitology 2016

October 17-19 2016
Tamil Nadu India


March 3rd 4th 5th 2016

Water Microbiology Conference 2016

May 16-20 2016

International Conference on Beneficial Microbes 2016

31 MAY 2 JUNE 2016

Microbe 2016

September 23 - 25 2016

Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists 39th National Conference 2015

NOVEMBER 25 2015 - NOVEMBER 29 2015

Microbial Stress From Molecules to Systems

November 12 - 15 2015
Salt Lake City Utah

Water Quality Technology Conference Exposition

Nov15-19 2015
Tampa Florida

10th National Monitoring Conference

May2- 6 2016

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